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Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer

I represent individuals who have been injured as the result of another person’s or entity’s carelessness or recklessness. I assist people with procuring compensation for negligent acts and omissions. Generally, I interface with insurance companies and attempt to resolve claims. However, when an insurance company becomes unreasonable then I will seek justice for my clients in the courts.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

I represent people who have been injured because of careless or reckless drivers who cause car accidents. My team and I will assist you with opening your claim with the appropriate insurer, marshaling your records, negotiating with insurers, and possibly quickly compromising your claim without resorting to expensive and time-consuming litigation.

However, when an insurer takes a defensive posture, then I will file a lawsuit and litigate your claims to a conclusion before a jury of your peers.

Personal Injury

Sometimes animal owners are careless with their pets. I represent people who have been attacked by animals and injured. The most common type of claim in this area of the law is a dog bite claim. These types of claims are characterized as strict liability claims and require close adherence to statutory and common law principles.

Premises Liability

I assist people with procuring fair and just compensation due to the negligence of property owners. There is a broad spectrum of claims under this practice. For example, a slip and fall on ice that has accumulated on a sidewalk or a slip and fall on a wet floor inside the mall. A neighbor’s defective premises may have caused your injury.

Whatever the type of injury, place of the accident, or defect that caused your injuries, I will analyze your claims and provide you with sound, practical advice to recover money for your injuries.

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