Business Law – Contract Review


Managing risk is paramount for today’s business owners who exist in an environment of rapid communications while negotiating and forming written agreements. Most problems with contracts are caused by a lack of engagement with (too many, not enough?) communications when negotiating and finalizing agreements. Clients expect honest assessments of the risks associated with contractual decision-making. Legal counsel to business clients includes contract negotiations, drafting, formation, and enforcement.

Contract Review

Generally, contracts can be handled by employees of the client’s business. It’s not necessary to have an attorney review every agreement your business makes! However, when the plain language of an agreement confuses a client, is ambiguous or vague, or the client thinks that the written terms do not represent what was verbally agreed upon, then seeking the assistance of an outside attorney makes good business sense. Litigation arising out of a bad contract is substantially more resource intensive than the cost of having me review an agreement to identify and explain its pitfalls before it is finalized.

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