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This latest post was inspired by the recent spate of virus and hacker stories I have read in the press. The Internet or Web “food chain” includes the following: Hackers, Software Engineers, Security Software Developers, Software Developers, Security Software Code Writers, Code Writers, Professional End Users (“prosumers”), and End Users (“consumers”). The average computer user is a consumer. The average attorney or other non-informational technology business-owner or employee is somewhere between a consumer and a prosumer. You must acquire the expertise to mange electronic information whether you are at the Top or Bottom of the aforementioned food chain/web. You either learn it or you retain a professional’s services to assist you; both at work and home. The risks are real and the damage can be catastrophic.

It’s still a jungle out there. The only difference is that today’s jungle has a virtual component where most of us don’t have any warning of impending attack. The same common sense rules apply to the Internet as apply to crossing the street, going to a mall with your kids, or using a credit card over the telephone. Unfortunately, most folks sitting at their computers think they are “anonymous” when the fact is a computer user is probably less anonymous than the lady in the green VW Beetle who let you cross the street this morning while taking your daughter to school. The web is a community serving commerce and society. It has the same inherent problems that all societies have, e.g., dishonesty and crime. The comparison of passwords and the locks on the office (and home) doors is an apt one and more of us should be keeping the same vigilance over our respective virtual communities as we try to do in our hometowns. There are many laws and regulations that have been enacted to assist the private and business Web or computer user.

How do these laws and regulations affect your business?  How do these rules affect your family? Your Facebook account? Your personal or business WIFI network? Advice about how you, your family and/or your employees use your computers and web access is best sought before a problem arises? How do violations by your kids affect you? What about your employee’s use of your work network for activities unrelated to business?

What about victims of computer crimes? If you have been the victim of a computer or cyber crime such as identity theft or cyber stalking then you should ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps to either protect yourself for the future or perfect a claim for past offenses against you, your family or your business.

The attorneys at Sullivan Heiser, LLC can assist you with establishing procedures to help you protect your family and your business.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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