Why do Lawyers Charge Fees for Initial Consultations?


Initial consultation fees help lawyers receive compensation for the time they spend with prospective clients, which also sends a signal to the attorney that the prospective client is serious about receiving advice for the issue(s) they are presenting to me.  It can sometimes be uncomfortable explaining to a client that I do not give away time for free, which is a huge problem for many professionals (not just attorneys) who charge an hourly rate for time spent on client matters. Lawyers generally charge clients in tenths of an hour, or six-minute increments, which is how The Law Offices of Bradford J. Sullivan records time spent on client matters.

I have built a vibrant practice based upon my ability to spot legal issues between people and/or entities, assess risk, and advocate for my clients.  I believe that the lawyer’s role is not just as an advocate but also as an adviser and a counselor.  This is an important role and I take it seriously.  Because of the cost of legal services, I have found during years of practice that I must carefully qualify each and every prospective client with whom I meet and counsel. The simple fact is that many of my prospective clients do not possess the means to pay for legal advice and sustained professional services.  This has not always been true, but more and more it is obvious to me that many prospective clients do not necessarily receive candor from their advisers or representatives, and the result is mistrust and a waste of time and money.

I am keenly aware of the time and resources necessary to litigate disputes.  As such, I find that oftentimes I am asked to contract with new clients with special payment terms and arrangements.  I enter into such billing arrangements depending upon the reasonableness of the terms. If you think that you need to consult with a lawyer, then do not hesitate to contact my office and schedule an appointment.



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